About ArkCapitals

We here at ArkCapitals know what it’s like to be a trader. We know you want to focus on your trades with as much ease as possible and as little fees as possible. That is why we have taken out focus to do just that, create the perfect trading experience for any trader out there, regardless of how much experience you may have.



A Powerful Trading Platform Made for You

We pride ourselves on having a team of seasoned veterans onboard. When you combine that with a high-tech trading platform that is suitable for everyone, you get an enchanting combination that helps get your trading activities sky-high.

What our clients say

  • Jesse Byrd
    As a newbie, I must say that the ArkCapitals team has made my first steps in the world of trading a breeze! The personal guidance I’ve received from Micheal was just top notch.
  • Nicholas Wright
    I’ll admit that I was reluctant to move to ArkCapitals at first, but I’m sure glad I did. The platform is very simple to operate but at the same time has all of the professional trading tools I need. I give ArkCapitals 10/10.
  • Gabriel Patel
    Rapid trading executions, fast withdrawal approval, and excellent customer care. Search no longer, ArkCapitals has everything you want from your trading broker.